Bearley Manor

Description of this historic site

The Manor of Bearley most probably dates to the late medieval period. It is situated on School Lane in the village of Bearley.

Notes about this historic site

1 The history of the manor house dates back to the 16th century. Until 1545 the manorial prperty in Bearley is not described in any surviving document, but in 1576 it would seem that the property was sold by Bartholemew Hales and his wife Mary. The land in 1576 comprised a numberof houses, seven yardlands barious closes and acres. The house changed hands farily frequently in the 17th century. Records in 1695 show that the house consisted of a hall, parlour, room over the parlour, small room over the hall, further room over the hall, a room over the entry, the men’s chamber, dairy house and mill house. This shows a medieval plan with the hall and parlour at one end and the kitchen at the other. The house was sold in 1952.

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