Ashorne Hill Farm

Description of this historic site

Ashorne Hill Farm, a house dating to the Post Medieval period. It is located 200m north of Ashorne Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 Ashorne was originally part of the manor of Newbold, but was a separate submanor from the 12th century. It passed through various hands, belonging at the Dissolution to the chantry of Guy’s Cliff, but was sold to the Earls of Warwick in 1789. There was a house on the Ashorne Hill site before the redevelopments of the late 19th century (see WA 8411) and it is believed that this was at one time the manor house. Part of the fabric of the earlier house is incorporated into the 19th century building.
2 Derivative of above source.
3 The implicit assumption in the above sources is that the Ashorne Hill House site is that of the Medieval manor house. There is at present no evidence for this, and the position of the building is more consistent with a Post Medieval origin.
4 Photographs of the existing building, showing the outline of the incorporated earlier fabric.
5 Photographs of possible ridge and furrow surrounding the site.
6 Selection of APs showing possible ridge and furrow around the house.

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