Alscot Park (C18/19 landscaped park)

Description of this historic site

Alscot Park, a landscape park which was created in the Post Medieval period. A variety of garden features were added in the 19th and 20th centuries. The landscape park is located to the south of Atherstone on Stour.

Notes about this historic site

1 The Medieval Alscot Park was enlarged in the period 1742-47. In the early 18th century it was described in Atkyns Gloucestershire as delightful. In 1747 it was described as small but well-planted. As enlarged the park covers 83 ha and is separated from the road on the NE and SE sides by a long wall. Part of it was under plough in 1964.
2 The park is still extant and the wall separating it from the road is intact.
3 Listed as Grade II in EH Register of Parks and Gardens of special historic interest. Landscape park of c100ha, surrounding 18th century house and with 19th and 20th century garden development. Probably designed by James West 1750-64. Description notes a number of 18th century features (not all extant), including: two avenues, a chain of three ponds (with associated bridge), a rotunda, obelisk and orangery, as well as the house itself and associated stables. 19th century features noted include: gothic lodges, a footbridge and a balustraded terrace.
4 James West bought the estate c1744, and redeveloped it, with the 18th century garden buildings being erected in the early 1750s. As well as those noted in the existing Register, they included: a root house, a Chinese bench and a summer house. Designs for a rusticated ice house, a cascade and a Chinese temple also survive in the family papers, but it is unclear whether these were actually built. In the mid 19th century changes were made, including the construction of parterre terraces. 20th century garden features include a swimming pool garden in a yew enclosure and a lavender parterre.
58 OS 1:10560 1884 Sht Warks 50NW etc marks Alscot Park as a deer park and clearly shows avenues, ponds and other features.
910 OS 1:10560 1924 Sht Warks 50NW etc shows park shaded.
11 Noted.
12 Noted.
13 Illustrative map for 12.
14 Park shown on Greenwood’s map of 1822.

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