Starting at the Healey Works

Gordon Barton's Healey (front left) at the Healey open Day hosted by the Warwickshire County Record Office, 2016.
Image courtesy of Heritage & Culture Warwickshire


I went back to the job centre and they said ‘oh, Donald Healey the Motor Company at the Cape in Warwick want a little bit of something up there’, so, I had never heard of them, you know.

Anyway, they explained to me where it was and I got the bike. I was on the bike, and I rode up to Warwick and as I was approaching Lock Lane, there was a Healey came down the road and I thought that must be it, so I followed it down, and when I pulled into the works, there was about 12 American servicemen there, all in uniforms, wandering about, and all these lovely Healeys about and I thought ‘this is the place for me’.

I went there and the Foreman at that time was an ex-RAF chap, Bob Rivet [sp?] his name is, and I said ‘Bob Rivet?’ and he said ‘Bob Rivet old boy, Bob Rivet’.  [?He had a barn staff?] I think it was on Friday and they said ‘when do you want to start?’ and I started on Monday.

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