Working at Healey

Early production at the Healey works, Warwick.
Image courtesy of Warwickshire County Record Office


JG: …and I was allocated there because it was close and there was a vacancy.  So, I started there.  And we were also working on Nash chassis which were driven down to the station to go off to Italy, there were also Tickfords and Elliotts and I did some other service jobs.  Unfortunately, five weeks later I touched a fan and damaged my fingers.

Interviewer: Oh dear!

JG: I was off for five or six weeks, I picked blackberries and sold them to the lads at work [laughs] by the basketful.  Then when I went back we were doing similar projects, including fitting the electric wires, etc., and I applied and went into the Drawing Office.  I was in there about eighteen months.  There was Gerry and Barry Bilbie. Gerry had got a great big piece of wall where, eventually, after a few weeks was put a big sheet of paper, for the whole length of the bar to make the layout completely and on there was put the layout for the Healey 100 which was taken from a cigarette packet, that Gerry had drawn for himself when he was at Technical College. And that is where that design came from.

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