Playing in Wolston as a Child

The 'crater' in Wolston.
Image courtesy of Graham Tyler

I  used to play in the crater when I was a child, that must have been about the early ’50s. That crater was around the back of School Street, the back of the Bluemels houses. It was full of water by that time, with a reed bed that you could walk on, it was like a water bed. We used to jump about and use it like a trampoline, in those days we had to make our own entertainment, you know what I mean.

Two different villages

When I was a kid in Wolston, you have to remember that Wolston and Marston were two different villages; you’ve got Wolston Mill and Marston Mill. When I was a kid and we used to play, when we went round the wrong end of the village, Kelsys Close, we were told to ‘get down your own end’. The Warwick Road was here, Manor Estate wasn’t here, and later on Wolston High school was built, so there were a lot of changes later.

Just after the war, nobody got nothing, we used to play in the street with old tyres and the like; and if you had a car it was a luxury.

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