Wolston School, and the 1937 Coronation

Wolston school in the 1900s.
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I’ve lived in Wolston for 82 years, and in the same house since 1936. I can remember the 1937 coronation, they had like a big fair or celebration in the church fields, and they roasted either a pig or an ox on one of the bridges that goes over the brook, all the village came out for that. It’s the first memory I have of the village, when you’re a three year old, it sticks in the memory.

My first taste of the cane

My first taste of the cane at the village school was during the war. They dropped some bombs up School Street, a gentleman called Mr. Potton was headmaster during the war. And they dropped these bombs and I can’t remember if they were exploded or unexploded, but we were warned when the people came to remove them, not to go round the pit and look but of course like kids we went to look, and when we went back to school after lunchtime there was Potton waiting for us with the cane. It wasn’t the last time, but it was the first.

When I left school I worked in Coventry, I still lived in Wolston and I got into work on my pushbike. There were no cars or anything, and it wasn’t a new pushbike neither!

I think I’m lucky to have lived here. I’ve got all my friends here, and over the years you make a lot.

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