The Lunt Cottages, Coventry Road, Baginton

Description of this historic site

The results of archaeological work at The Lunt Cottages, Baginton, suggest that they were once part of a larger building, possibly dating back to the Medieval period.

Notes about this historic site

1 In 1787 there was apparently a larger house (called “The Lunt House”) on this site, which was still there in 1831, and the present Lunt Cottages are supposed to be the kitchen, back-kitchen and cheese-room of that house. This picture was supported by an excavation carried out on the site in 1969: “Survey of the cottages was followed by an excavation to confirm evidence of a change in their lay-out. There was a clay floor in front of the single tenement, showing that it had been shortened. Between the two buildings there were the remains of a sandstone wall and two pebbled floors bedded on clay, showing that the cottages had originally been one building. Sherds of the 15th century to 18th century were found”. These cottages have since been quite extensively modernised – the south one has a new porch and kitchen, and the windows and door have been moved: and the north one has had re-facing work and a kitchen extension. The garden, of course, has also been re-landscaped.
3 Survey followed by excavation by Coventry and District Archaeological Society. There was evidence that the two cottages had originally been one building.
4 Listed Building description.
5 An archaeological evaluation in advance of the construction of a greenhouse identified Medieval features cut into the natural geology, and did not encounter any Roman deposits (except residual sherds).

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