Studley Mill

Description of this historic site

Studley Mill, a watermill for which there is documentary evidence from the Medieval period onwards. It was used as a cornmill and needle mill in the Imperial period before its demolition. The remains are visible as earthworks which lie to the east of the Riverside area.

Notes about this historic site

1 A mill is mentioned at Studley in 1086 and in the 13th century and 14th century there were two mills. Further references exist in the Medieval and Post Medieval periods.
2 It is difficult to correlate field and documentary evidence for the mill sites in Studley parish. The Priory Mills first appear by name in the 18th century. There were three mills at this date. A fourth mill is recorded in 1738 and 1766 associated with the ‘swan pools’ and this appears to be the Priory Mill. An 18th century estate map shows the layout of fishponds (PRN 6163). The mill was originally fed from the River Arrow, which was twice its normal width at this point. After 1824 a new mill-pool was constructed by damming the river. This has now been drained. The W side has been filled in but the dam survives and the main part of the pond with its islands can be traced, exceedingly overgrown. An overflow channel drains back into the river. A number of buildings are indicated on the 18th century map, but the main mill always lay across the Arrow. Beighton’s map of c1725 shows two mills here, one each side of the Arrow. A number of separate wheels may have been operating and this would explain the record of three or four mills. Corn grinding and needle making are recorded in the 19th century. In the 1870’s corn-milling ceased. In 1890 a new scouring mill was built next to the older buildings. The old mill was later demolished and the scouring mill is still operating, using electric motors.
3 Studley needle mill was incorporated in a survey of needle mills in the Arrow Valley, at which time, (in 1994), the mill was no longer operating. The survey includes plans and photographic records of the 19th century mill.
4 Soil stripping and the excavation of foundation trenches at Priory Mill (WA7823), revealed layers connected with the demolition of the 19th century needle and corn mill buildings and the course of the former mill race.
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