Site of Salford Priors Mill

Description of this historic site

The site of a watermill, for which there is documentary evidence from the Medieval period. It was located 200m west of Salford Priors Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

1 There was a mill at Salford Priors in 1086. In 1291 there were two mills. Two mills under one roof are recorded in 1610. The approximate site of these mills may be identified from the field names Great Millham and Millham, both of which are on the W side of the Arrow, respectively above and below the junction with Ban Brook.
2 Geophysical Survey as part of Evaluation for the A435 Norton Lenchwick Bypass Part 2 (WA 4908) obtained pit-like responses which suggested that archaeological activity may continue eastwards from the recorded cropmark complex into the corridor of the proposed bypass.
3 Trial trenching as result of above geophysical survey revealed no trace of building or occupation.
4 Documentary sources record the existence of a mill at Salford Priors from 1086. This is supported by the field names ‘Mill Butts’ and ‘Great Millams Meadow’ depicted on a tithe map of 1852 (CRO CR569/199).
5 It was not possible to gain access to the site for trial trenching.

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