Findspot - Bronze Age metalwork

Description of this historic site

Findspot - two pieces of metalwork, a dagger and a blade, dating to the Bronze Age were found 850m east of The Rookery, Salford Priors.

Notes about this historic site

1 Two examples of Bronze Age metalwork found using a metal detector in 1994.
2 Two examples of Bronze Age metalwork were discovered close to a gravel pit near the village of Salford Priors on 9/7/94. The first is a dagger, comprising a double-edged blade with a tapering midrib and a notched butt which appears to be broken and may once have been riveted onto a handle. In relative chronology this type of dagger is assigned to the Penard phase of the later Middle Bronze Age. In absolute terms this represents the 12th century to 11th century BC. The second find is a blade fragment, probably from a palstave of Middle Bronze Age date (1400-1000 BC). As with the dagger, the bronze is in very good condition with no sign of corrosion. A survey of the site within a 2km radius of the find spot of the 2 pieces of metalwork provides further evidence of Bronze Age occupation. Aerial photography reveals a possible Neolithic/Bronze Age ring ditch and small rectangular enclosure less than 1km from the latest find. A further site in the area has yielded a large quantity of later Bronze Age pottery and there have been 3 separate discoveries of assorted prehistoric flint objects.
3 Drawing.
4 Location in summary and grid reference do not match. Perhaps east should be west?

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