Site of Queens Park at Chase Wood

Description of this historic site

The site of Queens Park which formed part of the deer park belonging to Kenilworth Castle during the Medieval and Post Medieval periods. The earthwork remains of the park pale are still visible. It is located at Chase Wood.

Notes about this historic site

Site of Medieval and Post Medieval park.

1 In 1165 and 1187 the Pipe Rolls contain references to the park which surrounded Kenilworth Castle. Further references occur in the 13th century. It was considerably enlarged in 1302. In Elizabeth’s reign the park or chase was again considerably enlarged, particularly towards the W, impaling part of Blackwell within it and also a large nook, extending from Rudfen Lane towards the Pool. With the establishment of the Commonwealth the woods were cut down and the Park and Chase destroyed (see also PRNs 3226 and 3228).
2 The ‘Queens Park’ adjoins the Chace on the NW and is probably represented by Chase Wood where there are remains of a pale on the N and E.
3 Map.

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