Fishponds 300m N of Oldberrow Court

Description of this historic site

A series of ponds, possibly fishponds used for the breeding and storing of fish. They probably date to the Imperial period, and are still partially visible as earthworks. They are situated 300m north east of the church at Oldberrow.

Notes about this historic site

1 A series of ponds and sluices extend along the stream on the Oldberrow-Ullenhall boundary and appear to have been maintained in association with the Barrells estate in Ullenhall. The highest pond (SP1266) has been partly drained in recent years but there are remains of concrete and brick sluices at the outlet with substantial masonry incorporating ?Victorian blue bricks. A second pond remained waterfilled with a substantial weir at the lower end. A third brick and concrete sluice downstream has been removed by the farmer in recent years and a fourth, beyond the Oldberrow-Henley road, almost completely destroyed. The volume of water retained within the ponds must have been considerable and an industrial use seems to be implied, but no records of this have yet been discovered.

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