Rectangular and penanular crop marks in Barton on the Heath parish

Description of this historic site

A group of four penanular crop marks, one of which is partially enclosed by a rectilinear feature, can be seen on aerial photographs taken in July 1996.

Notes about this historic site

1 Cropmarks in a field 150m north of New Barn, Barton on the Heath were mapped as part of the English Heritage National Mapping Project. There are five cropmarks in close proximity, four subcircular and one rectilinear. The southern most of the subcircular cropmarks is partially bounded by the rectilinear feature. The diameter of the subcular features ranges from about 13m to nearly 18m and the three well defined examples all have breaks in their north eastern segment. The fourth circle is more diffuse than the others and has two large gaps in its circumference.
The field was covered by medieval ridge and furrow ploughing when photographed in 1947. Subsequent mechanised ploughing has levelled the rig to expose the underlying prehistoric features below.
2 The circular cropmarks are likely to be hut circles with entrances facing north east. Combined with the rectilinear enclosure ditch they appear to form a typical Iron Age settlement.

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