Mound S of Combe Abbey

Description of this historic site

The site of a mound. It may possibly be Bronze Age round barrow, a mound of earth built to conceal a burial. It is situated 300m south west of Combe Abbey.

Notes about this historic site

1 Tumulus.
2 Small tumulus about 1.2m high in grassland of deerpark. Scheduled as an Ancient Monument.
3 The mound may actually be the remains of a gazebo associated with the house of Combe Abbey.
4 Tumulus, of dubious antiquity.
6 Small tumulus, about 1.2m high and 16m diam. There are three large trees just to the S of the mound. Grass is short with some disturbance from moles and ?foxes. No remains of a ditch.
7 There are two other similar mounds in the gardens of Combe Abbey (PRNs 3744 and 3746).
8 The tumulus site was investigated during an archaeological evaluation in 1991 (PRN 6422). No significant features were located.
9The mound appears on Knyff and Kip’s perspective drawings of c.1690. This would cast doubt on the suggestion that this is a gazebo.

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