Site of Possible Medieval Watermill at Wolfhampcote

Description of this historic site

The site of a watermill which dates back to the Medieval period. It continued to be used until the Imperial period. The mill was probably situated to the north east of Wolfhampcote.

Notes about this historic site

1 Besides the mill of Sawbridge (see PRN 2942) there was a mill called ‘Ketelesmulne’ which was granted in 1333 to the rector of Wolfhampcote.
2 Deeds of watermill.
3 The mill is marked on Yates’ map of 1787-9 but does not appear later. The site of the mill is marked by a footbridge across the stream.
4 It is not known where this mill was located. It is possible that it was situated close to the deserted settlement (PRN 3036) at SP5365. The River Leam borders this site and a pond at SP5265 may be a former millpond. The ‘Ketelesmulne’ watermill may also have been in the parish of Willoughby (see WA 3052). This mill was given by Godfrey Halewy to Robert de Wilewys “together with all other lands and tenements he held in Wileby”. From the wording it is impossible to distinguish whether Wolfhampcote or Willoughby is meant.

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