Site of Possible Medieval Chapel on Dunsmore Heath

Description of this historic site

The site of a possible Medieval chapel. The existence of the chapel is suggested by documentary evidence. The site lies 500m south of Fulham Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 There appears to have been a chapel in the manor of Church Lawford. The only evidence is the occurrence of ‘William son of the chaplain of Stude’ accused of homicide at Lawford in 1232, and a record of the chaplain of ‘Stade’ in 1271. Stude was a possession of Coventry Priory and a chapel here was alleged to have been appropriated to the priory in 1260. In 1528 the name ‘Stode’ occurs on Dunsmore Heath.
2 Site is shown.
3 This may not be accurate.
4 “The Stude”, shown on the first edition OS 1″ map indicates the site of a chapel.
5 The use of “Stude” on a map as on OS 1″, on its own is taken to mean ‘place of worship’.

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