Site of poss. water mill 400m NE of Blackdown Manor

Description of this historic site

Documentary evidence suggests that this is the possible site of a watermill in use from the Medieval to the Post Medieval period. Sandstone rubble visible in the stream, and alongside, supports this location north of Wootton Spinnies.

Notes about this historic site

1 Dugdale mentions a mill called Yartford Mill as being part of Hill Wootton, but gives no indication of its location.
2 There is some evidence to suggest there might have been a mill along Cattle Brook where it converges with the Avon – a quantity of sandstone building rubble in and alongside the stream, a heavy concentration of footpaths leading to this area, and a location suitable for a mill.
3 This may be the mill later refered to as ‘Woodmyll’ at the Dissolution which together with the fields and meadows of ‘Yatesford’ were granted to James Cruce. There is another possible location for Yateford Mill at SP29 67 – see WA2537.

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