Site of Middleton Park

Description of this historic site

The site of a deer park in which deer were kept for hunting. It was Medieval in date and situated to the north and south of Middleton Hall. Recommended for inclusion on the Register by Lovie.

Notes about this historic site

1 Philip Marmion constructed a deerleap here in the 13th century.
2 Leland records a park in his Itinerary which belonged to Sir John Willoughby. This park is marked by Dugdale and Speed, but is now probably disparked.
3 Middleton Park is marked by Dugdale and Speed. It was extant in 1247 when it was recorded as being enclosed by a deer leap which was built by Philip Marmion. The park exists now in name only. No pale remains.
456Lovie reported a park with remnants of avenues, lake, plantations, formal gardens and kitchen garden.
7 A feature evident on aerial photographs within the park may date to the 17th century. It consists of a very clearly defined circular ditch with linear ditches radiating from it. This is reminiscent of park landscaping originating in the reign of Charles II, which featured rides and vistas that were developed from French woodland Allée’s by the Mollet family. These Patte d’oie, named from their likeness to a goosefoot, can be seen in illustrations of other country houses such as Badminton Hall. There is a case for suggesting that the central circular feature is a Victorian Tree Circle, which would account for the clarity of the crop-marks, and the small dark circular soil marks present seem to correspond with the trees shown on the first edition OS map.

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