Site of Medieval Shrunken Settlement at the Vicarage

Description of this historic site

The site of an area of shrunken village dating to the Medieval period at Hunningham. It is known from finds of pottery dating to the same period.

Notes about this historic site

1 Rev A K Collin reported that in digging in the garden of the recently built vicarage several pieces of pottery were found. Some of this was Roman (PRN 5272). Some trenches showed that the pottery was not scattered over a very large area. A large number of pieces were found at a depth of about 30 cm. All were Medieval and most were of coarse brown ware with a few of green glaze. More recently a small spearhead has also been found.
2 Excavations were conducted in the garden and surrounding fields and Medieval pottery was found. Since 1925 nearly 2 cwt of pottery has been collected in the garden. Most pot sherds are in dull brown ware, though some are grey. Some green glaze.
3 Medieval pottery found here together with hones, iron sickles etc, August 1925 onwards (also iron spearhead – not preserved).
4 Medieval stone hone previously held by the Rev Collins.
5 Pottery from the vicarage includes six rim sherds.
6 Also 70 other rim sherds.

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