Iron Age Settlement at Rattleburrow Plantation, Ettington

Description of this historic site

The site of a double ditched enclosure. It is visible as a cropmark on aerial photographs. The enclosure is may mark the site of an Iron Age settlement. Fragments of Iron Age pottery and a quern stone have been found here. The site is located at Rattleburrow Plantation.

Notes about this historic site

1 Double-ditched subrectangular enclosure shows on air photos. A second fainter enclosure is visible to the S.
3 Site is on a hilltop close to Rattleburrow Plantation. There are downhill slopes in all directions except to the E where the ground is level. A very clear dark patch marked out the area of the enclosure. Much burnt stone, a few pieces of animal bone and two probable Iron Age sherds were found. This indicates an Iron Age settlement.
4 Further finds include a quern, three flint flakes and a few more Iron Age sherds. Finds come from both of the enclosures.
6 Iron Age sherds – predominantly shell-gritted, like the material from other Iron Age sites in south Warwickshire.

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