Heathcote Home Farm Banjo Enclosure

Description of this historic site

The site of a trackway and a banjo enclosure which is visible as a cropmark on aerial photographs. It dates to the Iron Age period and is located 200m south of the Heathcote Road, Leamington Spa.

Notes about this historic site

2 Enclosure and length of trackway, probably overlain by ridge and furrow. The enclosure may be an example of a banjo enclosure of Iron Age date.
3 Field Survey by RMEF in 1985 produced a few possible (but dubious) worked flints.
4 Noted.
5 Archaeological assessment and evaluation prior to a proposed housing development. Geophysical survey yielded strong responses in the area of the suspected banjo enclosure.
6 Full geophysical survey undertaken by Geophysical Surveys of Bradford.
7 An archaeological evaluation of the site in 1998 recorded archaeological features in the positions indicated by geophysical survey at a depth of c0.3m below modern ground level. The features were not excavated, but Iron Age pottery was recovered from the surface of some of them. Other features encountered included the remains of Medieval furrows and modern land drains.
8 Observation of groundworks associated with the construction of a cycleway across the enclosure. No evidence of Iron Age activity was recorded in the area.
9 Summary of geophysical survey carried out in 1995.

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