Site of Church of All Saints, Warwick Castle

Description of this historic site

The site of the Medieval Church of All Saints at Warwick Castle which was founded before 1119. In 1128 it fell out of use because the Bishop of Worcester felt a castle was an inappropriate site for a church. Its exact location within the castle is unknown.

Notes about this historic site

2 The domestic buildings of Warwick Castle included the church of All Saints, founded by Henry de Beaumont before 1119. The church was served by secular canons and was united with St Mary’s College in 1123. In 1128 Simon, Bishop of Worcester, translated the priests of All Saints to St Mary’s (PRN 1943), as he considered the castle an unsuitable site for a church. Its exact site in the castle precincts is not known. It may have been replaced by a domestic chapel on the same site. Stone coffins are said to have been found within the precincts, and one, probably of the 12th century, was preserved at the castle.
3The polygon is very schematic and the location of the church within the castle is still entirely unknown. The stone coffin mentioned above is currently in the lowest room of Guy’s Tower.

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