Site of Charity Cottages, Pinley Green

Description of this historic site

A cottage, subsequently subdivided, and associated land was purchased with a bequest from the Birds for the poor of Rowington, in 1669. The cottage was condemned and demolished in the 1960s.

Notes about this historic site

1 John and Catherine Bird in their lifetime gave £50 on the understanding that on Catherin’es death, land should be purchased with the sum. In 1669, a house, garden, orchard and Pinley Close were purchased from William Milborne and his wife Jane, for housing the poor of Rowington. An allotment of one rood thirty perches was added to this property. By 1836 the house had been subdivided into 4 cottages, with a garden and orchard. They were occupied by poor people placed here by the parish officers, rent free. In 1965, the house was condemned and demolished and the land sold.
2Marked as ‘Rowington Poor’ on the 1849 Rowington Tithe Map.
3 Photograph from 1960 shows the house prior to demolition. It is, at least, partially timber-framed.

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