Fishponds, Poolfields, Compton Verney Estate

Description of this historic site

Three manorial Post Medieval fishponds, used for the breeding and storage of fish on the Compton Verney Estate. They are shown on Estate maps of the 17th century and on the Ordnance Survey map of 1885. They are situated at Poolfields, northeast of the House.

Notes about this historic site

1 Three pools (lower, middle, upper) on the Compton Verney Estate are shown on various historical maps dating from 1630 onwards. The absence of a mill and insufficient water to run such has led these to be interpreted as manorial fishponds. The upper pool is fed by two small streams from the east and south east and it is possible that other springs feed the other pools from below. A causeway crosses the middle pool at its eastern end and this arrangement is also shown on the 1885 OS map but not on earlier or later maps. Conversley four small islands in the upper pool are on a map of 1738 and are visible today but are not depicted on intervening maps. The ponds are bound by a steep ditch to the south and east, which may have acted as a drainage channel. The southern part is dry and currently compromised by a farm track.

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