Roman Features , Nuneaton Road, Mancetter

Description of this historic site

A defensive ditch and features that suggest buildings stood on this site in the Roman period, and were recorded during an excavation. The site lies 50m west of Quarry Lane, Mancetter.

Notes about this historic site

1 1984. An area 9m x 10m was excavated prior to the construction of a house. A number of features belonged to the early Roman fort sequence. These included at least two timber beam-slots and a large defensive ditch. The ditch measured at least 2m across and 1.6m deep and was V-shaped. It appeared to be turning sharply to form the SE corner of one of the 1st century forts. The slots lay outside the defended area and probably represent a different (?earlier) phase of military activity; the presence of Lyon ware confirms a pre-Flavian date. Both ditch and slots were cut by a sequence of irregular pits which produced few finds, but some at least belong to the early Roman period. Further buildings may be indicated by a number of shallow post holes.
2 Described in Britannia.
3 Noted.

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