Later Prehistoric Ring ditch

Description of this historic site

A Prehistoric ring ditch uncovered during excavations connected with the Birmingham Northern Relief Road project.

Notes about this historic site

1 A ring ditch with a central feature was uncovered immediatley south of Langley Brook. Excavation produced no finds to confirm whether or not this was a Bronze Age burial as thought.
2 Further detail on the recording of the feature. An annular ditch surrounded a central pit. This was initially thought to be a Bronze Age barrow, with the central feature being a grave in which no bone material had survived due to the acidic soils. A radiocarbon date was produced from a dump of charred remains in the primary ditch fill, of Middle Iron Age date, 380-190 cal BC. There was, however, no entrance gap which would have lead to the conclusion that this was an Iron Age roundhouse gully.

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