Site of Roman Settlement at Hobditch

Description of this historic site

The site of a settlement dating to the Roman period. The remains of several buildings and a ditch were discovered during an excavation. The site is located 500m north east of Blunt's Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 1966: Excavation across Hobditch Causeway produced large quantities of Romano British pottery, particularly from the S ditch. The pottery dates from the early 2nd to 4th century. Building material was also found indicating Romano British settlement. A bath-house is indicated.
2 1968: A pit 1.8m square and 2m deep with vertical sides and a flattish base was found. A rim of mid-2nd century pottery was found in primary fill.
3 1972: Limited area opened 10m S of causeway. The gully of a circular wattle and daub building was traced and was cut by at least three phases of rectilinear buildings on different alignments. An internal pit was packed with sandstone, some pieces carved, and possibly from a shrine or tombstone.
4 The carved sandstone has been reconstructed as an elaborate tomb, with a double-cavetto arched canopy supported by fluted columns.
5 1978: A trench was cut across the S bank of Hobditch. The bank was cut into to create a level platform for buildings. These include a polygonal building c7.5m in diameter. At least three buildings are indicated and the pottery suggests 2nd-3rd century occupation.
7 Scheduled as Warwickshire Monument no 177.
8 Scheduling information.

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