Site of Chapel at Rykmersbury Deserted Settlement

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a Medieval chapel is suggested by documentary evidence. The chapel was associated with the deserted settlement of Rykmersbury and was situated 500m south east of Beausale.

Notes about this historic site

1 There was a chapel at Beausale in the 13th century in honour of St John the Evangelist. It was endowed with the field called Rykenylesbury. It is also recorded in 1328 and in 1398 was known as Cocouchirche or Cokeuchirche. Before 1501 the so-called parish church of Cukkowe Church was in ruins, and the site and cemetery had been applied to profane use. There were no inhabitants who could rebuild it. In 1545 John Coppe had a lease of a close called Ruytons Bury or Round Table, lying in Beausale, being Cockowe Church land. The earthwork at Castle Hill is still known as Round Table and could have been the site of the chapel.
2 Beresford suggests that the site was at Bulloak Farm (PRN 2654) and quotes the Victoria County History as a source, but this site seems more probable (PRN 5274).
3 Map.

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