Possible Site of Church of St Helena, Castle Park

Description of this historic site

One of two possible sites for the Church of St Helena dating to the Medieval period. A church appears on Speed's map of 1610 abd building foundations have been discovered here. The outline of a church like building is sometimes visible as a cropmark in the Castle Park.

Notes about this historic site

1 A church-like building is marked at roughly SP2864 on Speed’s map of 1610. Foundations have been uncovered at SP2864 and in dry weather the outline of a building is traceable on the lawn. Some of the the stones used in the flower borders of the Castle Park are worked, and one or two are obviously fragments of mullions with tracery, which confirms the probability of a church. There may be some connection between St Helena and the House of Knights Templars (PRN 1960) which is known to have been situated in this locality.
2 The foundations mentioned above are likely to be the result of garden landscaping. A more probable location for the Church is the cropmark recorded to the south of the site (See WA 7858).

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