Poss Mill Mound at Coton Deserted Medieval Village

Description of this historic site

The site of a windmill mound, a mound of earth on which a windmill would have stood. It might be of Medieval date and associated with the deserted settlement of Coton. The windmill mound is situated 700m south of Coton House.

Notes about this historic site

1 A well-preserved little moated mount castle. The remains consist of a low circular artificial hill, measuring about 46m in diameter at its base, with a flat top about 21m across; it is surrounded by a ditch, in which water still lies at the SE side.
2 A moated mound which is sometimes classed as a castle. It is probably an early mill mound.
3 No historical evidence was found to substantiate this as being a castle mound. The work is badly mutilated, carries a modern water tower and is probably a mill mound associated with the deserted village site to the N (PRN 2778).

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