Newlands House Farm

Description of this historic site

Farm dating to at least 18th century, it is a regular U-plan type with detached farmhouse. The buidlings were converted and adapted for other uses in the 20th century and were demolished in 2003. The site is located on Bennet's Lane in Keresley.

Notes about this historic site

1 Farm buildings are marked at this site on an estate map of 1768. The adjacent field is named Barn Close, perhaps suggesting that there was an earlier tithe barn or field barn there.

2 The farmstead was recorded by the Warwickshire Historic Farmstead Characterisation Project in 2009 as an isolated farmstead forming a regular U-plan with detached house side on to the other farm buildings.

3 In a further detailed study of the site it is noted that although it is possible that this farmstead dates to the medieval period it is unlikely due to its location within planned enclosure and probable parkland. The farmstead is likely to have developed at the time of enclosure (probably in the early 18th century) when the park was being developed into a farming estate, although it is possible that it replaced an earlier field barn at this site.

456 This site is marked as Newlands House Farm on the OS (1:2500) 1st edition (1888), 2nd edition (1903-1904) and OS 3rd edition (1913-14).

7 The site is marked as Newlands House on the OS (1:2500) 4th edition (1936). It is unclear when this developed into an alternative use other than a farm but appears to be between 1913-1936. The site was a care home (Newlands Care Home) in the late 20th century but it is unclear when this took place.

8 Three photos of the site taken in 1991 are available

The buildings were destroyed in 2003.

910 A programme of archaeological work took place and showed that the farmhouse was post-medieval in date.

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