New Chapel of St Mary, Ullenhall

Description of this historic site

The New Chapel of St Mary dating to the Imperial period. It is located 900m east of Ullenhall.

Notes about this historic site

1 The old church of St Mary (PRN 986) consists of a chancel only, fitted up as a chapel, about 8.2m by 5m and is of late 13th century date. The nave was pulled down in 1875-6. The font is 15th century.
2 When the new church of St Mary was built in 1875 the old church was considered unnecessary and the nave was taken down. The chancel was retained to serve as a mortuary chapel (PRN 5123).
4 The chapel is still used for occasional church services, and the parish graveyard is here and not at the new church. Both internally and externally the chapel is in good condition.
5 Photographed in 1979.

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