Earthworks 200m N of James Farm

Description of this historic site

Earthworks associated with water drainage, together with a depression which may have been a pond. They are of unknown date and are situated 400m east of Botley Hill, Ullenhall.

Notes about this historic site

1 A rectangular-shaped depression about 40 x 20m surrounded by a shallow bank was noted towards the bottom of a slope. Further up the slope to the SW is a hollow, the NE end of which might once have drained into the larger depression. To the NW is a narrow channel running down the hill, but this does not appear to lead anywhere. It is assumed that the earthworks are associated with water drainage and the large depression was once a pool. The field immediately to the W is called Pool Hill on the Tithe Award Map. The area is now completely dry underfoot.
3 Description of fieldwork undertaken in the Wooton Wawen Project.
4 Brief description of selective fieldwork along lengths of Wooton Wawen parish boundary.

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