Moat to W of Court Farm House, Fulbrook.

Description of this historic site

A double moated site associated with a manor house. The moats date to the Medieval period but could represent different phases of building. They survive as earthworks, and are situated on the west side of the Sherbourne to Hampton Lucy road.

Notes about this historic site

1 Behind Court Farm are the remains of two moats. The larger, immediately to the SW, is 90 paces square and still has water on three sides, the S being the best preserved. This is probably, from its extent, the site of the moated manor house mentioned 1324 and 1392.
2 Probably of later construction than the second moat and representing a ‘homestead moat’.
3 Notification that the monument was scheduled.
4 In about 1841 a globular steelyard weight was found in the moat (PRN 843).
5 The interior of this moat is level and grass-covered made-up ground. No trace of buildings. Scatter of early tiles in side of moat. The farm contains a weathered sandstone wall 1.2m high, which may be the remains of the gatehouse.
7 S, W and N sides well preserved and still filled with water, which runs into a pond in the SE corner. Area within moat is very flat, apart from the SE corner where there is a raised rectangular mound.
11 The Scheduled Ancient Monument comprises two moated sites, a fishpond complex (PRN 839) and an area of ridge and furrow (PRN 7252). The northern moated site has external dimensions of approximately 75m square. External banks are visible on the northern and western edges of the moat, the eastern edge has been removed and is therefore not included in the schedule. The moated island measures 30m square and has internal enclosure banks on all sides. It is raised above the surrounding ground surface, there is slight evidence for buried features within this area. There is no visible evidence for the original access on to the island. The southern moat has external dimensions 73m east-west and up to 62 north-south. The eastern arm was infilled c.1838, it remains visible as a shallow depression and is partly overlaid by Court Farm House. The remaing arms of the moat are waterfiilled and are 15m wide. The surface of the island is level, except at the south-eastern corner where there is the rasied base for a Victorian greenhouse. There is no surface evidence for the orginal entrance on to the island. It is believed that the two moated sites represent two phases of occupation.

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