Ditches and banks at Coates Barn in the parish of Long Compton

Description of this historic site

Two rectilinear ditches 80m to the east of Coates Barn are evident on aerial photographs

Notes about this historic site

1 Two rectilinear ditches 80m to the east of coates barn evident on aerial photographs were mapped as part of the English Heritage National Mapping Project. The smaller of the two features is a single ditch approximately 20m square. There is a gap in the ditch in the southwest corner which is presumably an entrance. The larger feature is more complex and although generally rectangular the ditch is an irregular shape. Inside the ditch on the eastern and southern sides there is a bank. On the northern edge of the ditch there is further ditch. The interior of the 60m x 30m enclosure shows evidence of medieval ploughing. The area to the north of the may be slightly raised above the surrounding area.

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