Medieval Windmill Mound 200m N of Cabbage Clump

Description of this historic site

The site of a post mill, a windmill mounted on a post. It is marked on a tithe map of 1842 and the windmill mound survives as an earthwork. It may date back to the Medieval period. The mill was situated 200m north of Cabbage Clump.

Notes about this historic site

1 Mill Field, new Newnham Paddox (Monks Kirby Tithe Map 1842). Medieval (or later). Post mill. SP4783.
2 At SP4783 there is a low mound standing amidst ridge and furrow at the end of a possible hollow way. It is up to 1.5m high and perhaps 8m in diameter, with a slightly concave top. Standing at the top of a rise it is undoubtedly a windmill mound.
3 Aerial photographs.

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