Medieval occupation at 15 Clinton Lane, Castle Green, Kenilworth

Description of this historic site

Archaeological evaluation revealed evidence of occupation from the Medieval period, including the remains of a timber building. It is situated on Clinton Lane, Kenilworth.

Notes about this historic site

1 An evaluation in Clinton Lane, Castle Green, Kenilworth, involving background research and trial trenching revealed scattered medieval occupation, dating probably to the 12th/13th -early 14th century, including remains of a timber building fronting Clinton Lane. The occupation had probably ceased by the mid-14th century after which the site remained an open space until the building of the present houses in the 1930s.
2 Archaeological observation of the excavation of foundation trenches for extensions at 15 Clinton Lane, Kenilworth recorded no further traces of medieval activity.
3 CBA West Midlands summary of work carried out in 1996.

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