Medieval industrial activity at Bread and Meat Close, Friars Street, Warwick.

Description of this historic site

Medieval features, including a probable tile kiln, an oven or malting kiln, a possible building or structure, clay and rubbish pits and a medieval roadside ditch. The site is located at Bread and Meat Close, Friars Street, Warwick.

Notes about this historic site

1 Archaeological evaluation of the site at Bread and Meat Close revealed evidence of medieval industrial activity represented by a probable tile kiln and an oven or malting kiln. One side of the tile kiln was revealed including remains of a tie floor. The remains of a collapsed or disturbed stone wall foundation close to the Friars Street frontage may have indicated a building or structure. Further evidence of medieval occupation was recorded on site including clay and rubbish pits. On the eastern part of the site a medieval roadside ditch was also revealed adjacent to the Seven Stars public house along with post-medieval rubbish or quarrying pits.

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