Medieval Banqueting Hall at the Pleasaunce

Description of this historic site

A Banqueting Hall which was constructed during the Medieval and Post Medieval periods at the Pleasance. It was situated inside the double moat and was built of timber. The foundations of this building are still visible at the site.

Notes about this historic site

1 Inside the double moat at the Pleasurance was a timber banqueting hall. This was dismantled by Henry VIII.
2 Foundations are visible within the island of the moat.
4 Scheduled as Warwickshire Monument No 2.
8 Rescheduled as SM 21557.
9 A series of geophysical surveys were undertaken across the Pleasance, which detected anomalies likely to represent the remains of features dating from the time of its use as a pleasure ground. A large hexagonal compacted area has been detected in the centre of the diamond shaped mound and this may well be the remains of a central garden or courtyard. At three corners of the mound, remains of footings for towers have been detected. It is possible that robbed out remains of the fourth western tower have been detected. Possible evidence for a range of buildings have been detected on the SW side of the mound. It is suggested that this may possible be kitchens or food preparation areas, given the strong magnetic response. It is also likely that this range of structures provided the materials for the buildings Henry VII re-erected within the castle after he ordered the buildings on the Pleasance to be demolished.

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