Whichford Castle

Description of this historic site

The site of Whichford Castle, a Medieval castle or manor which has been partially excavated. The site is located 300m west of the church at Whichford.

Notes about this historic site

1 Information on a manorial history exists.
2 Traces of the outlines of stone buildings grouped around the interior of the enclosure can be seen.
3 Whichford was a Manor of the Mohun family. It has been suggested that Dunster in Somerset was the principal residence and that Whichford was occupied by a younger member of the household. Nevertheless, excavations have revealed strong and elaborate buildings of stone, with such refinements as painted glass in the windows and fine quality pottery. The buildings may pre-date the moat and curtain wall (see PRN 2342). At present only four rooms on the W half of the site have been excavated. The principal one, obviously the hall, originally had a stone central hearth and mud floor, and must have been constructed in the first quarter of the 13th century. Later a rubble and mortar floor was laid, with a fireplace in the S wall. The purposes of other rooms have not yet been identified. Stone-lined drains are found inside and outside the buildings.
4 Three sherds of a polychrome jug found during the excavation. This pottery was imported from France and has been found on 27 sites in Britain.
5 Finds held in Warwick Museum include pottery, bird roof-finial, two silver pennies, two brass counters, a bone gaming-dice, and a 12th century or 13th century iron arrowhead.
6 The moat is at present used as a dump for old cars and a piggery. Disturbance is evident on the island and outside the N entrance but it is entirely amorphous.
9 Aerial photographs.
10 The earthworks and ditches, including those to the north of the site which do not appear on Ordinance Survey maps were mapped from aerial photographs as part of the English Heritage National Mapping Project

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