Marston Jabbett Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The possible extent of the medieval settlement at Marston Jabbett based on documentary evidence.

Notes about this historic site

1 The possible extent of the medieval settlement based on the OS map of 1887, 17NW.
2Marston Jabbett appears with a tiny circle which is the sign for a village in Dugdale’s map.
3 Quite a lot of settlement is shown on Greenwood’s map.
4 Marston Jabbett is listed in Domesday in Brinklow Hundred. The Phillimore edition gives a grid ref of 3788.
Ref 16,46 in Marston (Jabbett) 1 hide. Hereward holds from him. Land for 4 ploughs. In lordship 2; 1 female slave. 12 villagers and 8 smallholderrs with 4 ploughs. Meadow 6 acres. The value was and is £3.
5 The 1887 map shows a tiny hamlet with more spaces than plots or buildings. There must have been considerable shrinkage because Doomsday indicates a settlement of reasonable value, and the Dugdale and Greenwood maps also indicate a proper village, but the 1887 map gives few clues. The area has not been covered by ridge and furrow plotting, but the mapdata shows a little survival to the northwest and southeast.

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