Late Iron Age-early Roman field system and possibly associated building north of Tiddington Road, Tiddington.

Description of this historic site

Evaluation trenching recorded a field system laid out during the Late Iron Age-early Roman period, with a possibly associated building. A second phase of activity dated to the 2nd century AD. The site is located north of Tiddington Road, Tiddington.

Notes about this historic site

1 Archaeological evaluation within the SAM of Tiddington Roman Settlement identified four broad phases of activity.
In Phase 1, the Late Iron Age-early Roman period, a co-axial field system appeared to have been laid out and it was likely that a small building was constructed. The field system appeared to be on a roughly north-south – east-west alignment.
Features containing pottery dating to the 2nd century AD were placed within Phase 2, although it was not clear if they were cut, or simply filled, in this period. Many of the Phase 2 and undated ditches also followed similar alignments to those in Phase 1. There was very strong evidence for continuity between Phases 1 and 2 and it could have been that all of the ditches were actually cut in phase 1, but that those attributed to Phase 2 simply took slightly longer to fill. There was far less activity and far fewer finds deposited in Phase 2.
It has been suggested that the structure was in operation during the 1st century AD and that it went out of use in Phase 2, the 2nd century AD. It is possible that the structure was used as a granary.
For phase 3 and 4, see MWA 9785.

2 The evaluation produced evidence of four north-east to south-west aligned ditches. The finds recovered suggest a date between the early 1st century and mid 2nd century AD. These features most likely represent field boundary ditches similar to those recorded during the 2001 evaluations in the field immediately west of the site.

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