Romano-British structures, Alcester.

Description of this historic site

A drain of Roman date was found during an excavation. A Roman coin and a brooch were recovered from the drain. The site was located to the west of Bleachfield Street, Alcester.

Notes about this historic site

1 Hughes’ Site A. Excavation in the Almhouses’ Gardens. A well-constructed open drain 0.3m square in cross-section and 6m long built of local flagstones. This was very slightly curved in plan and fell gently to the N. It discharged into a soakaway 0.7m deep. This was partly stone-lined and cut through layers of late C1, mid and late C2 date. Silt in the soakaway contained near its top a quinarius of Allectus. The C1 deposit contained a brooch which is developed from a Polden Hill brooch.
2 1964: A RB well was found very close to the demolished almshouses. The structure was very similar to other wells found in the vicinity, but had been cleaned out in the post-medieval period and fitted with a pump, presumably to supply the almshouses.
3 Included in Alcester sites list as site no 10.
4 Listed as site no. 13.
5 Progress report from 1956-7.
6 Progress report from 1958.

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