Hillmorton Wharf off Crick Road, Hillmorton

Description of this historic site

Hillmorton Wharf, the site of a canal wharf, where vessels would have loaded and unloaded goods during the Imperial period. It was located on the east side of the canal between Kilsby Lane and the railway line.

Notes about this historic site

1 The wharf at Hillmorton is shown on OS 25″. However, there are buildings and limekilns on the opposite bank and the wharf is shown unusually on the towpath side.
2 The wharf is actually on the other side on the canal, by the “Old Royal Oak” public house. The pub itself may be converted from warehousing – it is a large three storey structure. Its outbuildings appear to be connected with the canal. There is a short arm, now built on and used as a mantainance yard by a canal cruiser company.

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