Rugby Wharf Branch W of Brownsover Aqueduct

Description of this historic site

Rugby Wharf, a canal wharf, where vessels would have loaded and unloaded goods during the Imperial period. It was located to the north of the canal and to the west of the Old Leicester Road.

Notes about this historic site

1 This branch leaves the Oxford at the above NGR and goes S to serve Rugby wharf. This was once part of the original line of the Oxford canal. Its continuation can be seen to the N of the canal around SP 50 77. AT SP 5076 there was what appears on the 25″ OS to be a fairly major wharf complex. It became disused in 1958.
2 All that remains of Rugby wharf is a private wharf belonging to the Willow Wren Cruiser CP. There is a small private house at the end of the canal which may be a wharf cottage but any other buildings which may have existed must have been demolished and the site is now an industrial estate.

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