Site of Fishponds

Description of this historic site

The site of Medieval moat and later fishponds (utilising re-excavated section of moat), used for the breeding and storage of fish, thought to date to the Post Medieval period. They are situated 60m south of Hurley Hall.

Notes about this historic site

1 Site of fishponds shown to the south of Hurley Hall.
2 These fishponds (and Hurley Hall moat) were backfilled in the early ?20th century following a drowning. The present owner, Mr T. Horton, re-excavated both the fish ponds and the Hurley Hall moat in around 1983. Mr Horton has said that the fishponds may not be in their exact original positions. This is backed up by the 1st edition OS map. This information came from discussions with Mr Horton in 2007.
3 The remains of a moated site formerly occupied by Harrison’s House. It is not uncommon in moated site research to find remains of moated sites represented as a series of fishponds. This is often the result of moat channels infilling naturally over time.
4These are the remains of a moat marked on the 1st Edition OS map and partially visible on 1945 RAF air photo (Google Earth). The moat is larger than that surrounding Hurley hall itself and it seems likely that the two were linked.

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