Excavation of Roman Buildings, Bleachfield Street

Description of this historic site

Several Roman buildings were excavated in Bleachfield Street, Alcester. They were indicated by post holes, timber slots, cobbled surfaces and drains. Roman pottery, animal bone and the finger of a bronze statue were also found during the excavation.

Notes about this historic site

1 Excavations of the N part of the site previously excavated in 1969 (PRN 500) in 1972-3. The earliest features were sleeper-beam trenches forming a right angle. The whole area was then covered by a layer of cobbling upon part of which was constructed a timber building on small sleeper beams. Only one corner of this building lay within the area excavated. This building was destroyed by fire. The area N and W of the building was resurfaced with cobbling on a number of occasions in the C2. On the W of the site the cobbling was disturbed and a number of post pits occurred, possibly forming a building. Two successive drains post-dated the building and were sealed by cobbling. Throughout the C3 large quantities of soil and cattle bone built up and this deposit was sealed by a layer of cobbling upon which were a number of coins of Carausius, sealed by a layer of sandstone. In the SW corner of the trench was the robbed wall trench of a substantial building. Part of a mortar floor was uncovered. One important find was the finger from a life-sized bronze statue.
2 Described as site no 44 in list.

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