Whichford Mill

Description of this historic site

Whichford Mill, two watermills dating from the Medieval period. Documentary evidence shows that they were still in use during the Imperial period. Whichford Mill is situated 700m south west of Meadow Coppice.

Notes about this historic site

1 Two mills existed in the manor of Whichford in 1086, but nothing else is known of their early history. Information on ownership exists from 1850 to 1912. The building is of stone, three storeys high, and adjoins the mill cottage which has a date stone reading ‘RME 1711’. The high breast-shot waterwheel and much of the machinery were removed c1937. The rest was taken out when the mill was converted to provide additional accommodation to the cottage. The wheel was fed by a long leat which filled a small pond behind the mill. Although the pond has been filled in its outline can still be traced.
2 Listed Building Description.

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