Site of Millpond Dam 600m NE of Heath End Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of a mill pond dam which is undated. It is visible as an earthwork and is located 300m south east of Heath End Plantation, Heath End.

Notes about this historic site

1 There are substantial remains of an early mill-dam at the above grid reference. They are situated in pasture land and there is no trace of an approach road. No historical information concerning the mill was obtained during field investigation.
3 The dam is marked.
4 There are substantial remains of a linear earthwork which runs from SP2361 in a SE direction to SP2561. A small stream bisects it. The S end is considerably eroded by tractors. It is approximately 2.5m high, 3 to 4m wide and 200m long.
5 The pond is known as Squash Pools. It has been suggested that the pools may have been used for sheep dipping.
6 The source for the above reference, 5, is unknown.

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